Wednesday 22 April 2015



What a fantastic day we have just spent with the very funny & energetic Lee, from Skip Hop!

He took each class for a skipping session and he taught us many different moves. Some were trickier than others!

He said that we mastered them fantastically and at the end of the day we demonstrated those moves, for the whole school and also for our parents.

Thank you, Lee for a truly fun and educational day. 

We can now use our new skills at home and in the yard,

Check out pupils from each class showing us how it's done!

 Yeeee Hawwwwww! Rodeo time for 3rd & 4th!
Effortlessly demonstrating a tough move here. Go 6th class!

 The window wiper was a great laugh!
 Double Trouble! Two 6th class boys sharing one rope!
 One VERY skilled 1st class boy mastered the Double Dutch effortlessly!

 6th class didn't let us down with their skills...
 "Oh, never mind me...I'm just SKIPPING while DOUBLE DUTCH skipping!!!"
(Nice photo bomb!)

 Things are getting tricky...
We have never been to attentive!

A large group of 4th & 5th class had to run and skip after another. 
Whoever missed their go, or got caught, was out. 

 4th & 5th were brilliant at this.

 Flying high!

 Not many left...

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