Wednesday 29 April 2015

Active School Week With Junior Infants!

What an amazing week! We have had so much fun this week and learned so many new skills. We started off the week with the amazing Aoife from Ultraflex. She taught us how to perform a cool dance to The Jackson Five's hit Rockin Robin.

We were also lucky to have some 6th class students with us on Monday. They set up an obstacle course in the afternoon. We had to jump over hurdles, hop through hoops, throw bean bags in a bucket and kick a ball to score a goal. We even got to go on the trampoline and at the end we played some parachute games. We had a great day.

Next up was Stretch 'n Grow with Helen. We absolutely loved it. Helen is so energetic and creative. We did a superhero obstacle course, searched for Scooby snacks and performed lots of Spiderman exercises. It was great!

On Wednesday Lee from SkipHop taught us some basic skipping skills. Some of us were a bit nervous but Lee showed us that everyone can skip. By the end of the session we were even jumping Double Dutch. Ms. Fahy was so impressed with us. 

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