Friday 10 June 2016

Senior Colour Run 10-06-2016. 

Ms Giblin and 6th class organised a fantastic colour run in the yard for 1st - 6th class today. We threw water balloons at the children first and we ran around in circles. When the music stopped we got covered in coloured powder and we had the best fun ever. 6th class organised the Colour Run as part of the Sky Sport's Challenge they are involved in. Newcastle are the first school in the country that signed up for the Sky Sport's Challenge. We have a wonderful mentor in Owen Diviney and he has really inspired us to challenge ourselves and others. 6th class are organising the annual sport's day next Friday so watch this space! Thank you to Ms Giblin and 6th class for a wonderful day.

Ms Giblin and Ms Treacy

Ms Giblin and Mrs Wall.

The coloured powder made by 5th and 6th class in Science.

The water balloons!

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