Tuesday 2 June 2015

Active Flag Celebrations (21st May 2015)

Active Flag Celebrations (21st-5th-2015)

The whole school community gathered today to celebrate our achievement of being awarded our first Active Flag. A big thank you to Sinéad Giblin and Emer Fahy who co-ordinated the Active school committee and who worked so hard all year to ensure we were awarded the Active Flag.The committee members were Breda Murphy, Mary Rohan, Cllr. Gabe Cronnelly , Saoirse Healey, Shane Burke, Alexandra Pate, Barry Donaghue, Rachel Langan, Nina Bodamer and  Daniel Langan. Our motto is "Don't Say No. Get Up and Go". We also have a motto at break time to "Do Your Talking While You're  Walking!". We have been very active all year and to mark the celebrations, the very generous Parent's Association organised for the ice cream truck to come to the school and treated us all to an ice cream. Thank you very much. Over 200 ice creams were served to a very happy school community.

All the children gathered to mark the celebrations.

Thank you to Cllr. Gabe Cronnelly for coming to our celebrations.

Ms Murphy welcomed everyone to the celebrations.

Thank you to all of the parents who came along to support us today.

Mary Rohan spoke and encouraged us to become involved in sport and to be active. She showed us her medals for participating in marathons. Well done Mary.

Mr Liam Hyland, who awarded us the Active flag came to join in the celebrations. Thank you Liam.

Junior Infants did a fantastic display of yoga.

The tree position.

The airplane position.

Happy cats.

Angry cats.


Emer Fahy has been teaching yoga to the Junior Infants in P.E.

Back to hero position.

4th and 5th class put on a very energetic display of skipping for us.

This is good for the heart.

We crossed over the ropes while skipping.

I was like a turbo skipper!

I can skip on a lo lo ball! Do not try this at home mammies and daddies!

We skipped in pairs.

We did group skipping skills and jumped over the long rope.

Up in the air!

6th class displayed their amazing hurling skills and competitive spirit!

We had to compete with each other to get a sliotar.

It was like musical sliotars!

We had to leave the circle if we were not lucky enough to get a ball.

The girls did Gladiators with hurley sticks and sliotars!

Our skillful camogie players who were very successful yesterday. We are very proud of you girls.

3rd and 4th class were amazing at doing a routine to An Dreoilín and we all joined in and had great fun!

This is mighty exercise!

We have been doing "Drop Everything and Dance" in every class as part of our Active Flag activities and it is great exercise and great fun!

The whole school joined in with 3rd and 4th class.

We are so proud of getting our first Active Flag.

Well done to the wonderful pupils of Newcastle for being so active and healthy.

Thank you to Cllr. Gabe Cronnelly for joining us in our celebrations.

Our school has grown. What a lot of fabulous students!

Thank you to the Parent's Association for spoiling us with the surprise visit of the ice cream van!

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